At Litmouse, we profile a carefully-selected sample of respondents who are largely based on the preferences of your tests.

Our respondents all reside in the UK and undergo demographic analysis before they evaluate any concepts belonging to Litmouse subscribers.

The level of demographic detail we can go into for a test you create will depend on your subscription with Litmouse, but there’s considerable scope to understand who your concepts respondents are, what they like, what they do, and where they are in the UK. 

For Enterprise packages, Litmouse can profile up to 19 different elements of demographic information ranging from Vehicle Ownership, through to the Business Sector in which they are employed, and their associated level of seniority. Litmouse presents the breakdown of this data within all reports, and for Enterprise packages, we can often also focus on specific demographic profiling.

For Standard subscription types, there is still a large amount of respondent data to be learned from, so you can see a breakdown of exactly who is providing their thoughts on your concepts. All subscriptions, however, provide an insight into Age, Gender and Income by default.