Litmouse provides considerable insight into what respondents think of your creative concepts, depending on the type of concept you test. 

In order to get the most value from comparative testing, we pose the same set of questions to our respondents. That way, you can be sure you’ve qualified a range of typical concerns you’d have about a concept before unleashing it to the wider public. The areas we cover in our questioning are  are: 

  • Activity: A respondent is asked what they think the company does, effectively ensuring your branding is associated with the right industry. This is most effective for concepts where there is little text used to convey a message
  • Vibe: The respondent selects from a list of adjectives such ‘trustworthy, luxurious and retro’, and these are totalled up in the test results 
  • Association: The respondent is asked to detail the kind of companies they associate the concept with
  • Value: We ask respondents about their value expectations of the concept’s owner, from ‘budget brand’ through to ‘luxury brand’
  • Legibility: We check with respondents how clear and easy to interpret the concepts are  
  • Originality: We evaluate whether respondents feel the concept is original in relation to other things they have seen 

These questions are posed to our respondents, all of whom provide 19 elements of demographic information about themselves.  For Enterprise subscriptions, the Litmouse team can also consult on posing additional questions to further understand the perspective of your respondents.