Litmouse was created to help you to validate a range of creative concepts. 

We have pre-qualified respondents who are surveyed on the creative concepts you upload for testing. We ask respondents a range of questions to gain their insight, so you can better see how concepts are being perceived by people. We can also show a large range of demographic data in our reporting, so you can better understand who is taking your test. We provide audience feedback on the following:  

  • What respondents think your company does: In the instance that there is little text associated with your concept, such as a visual emblem, colour scheme or packaged goods, this may be particularly important
  • Adjectives associated with your brand: A respondent selects up to three words that they deem as befitting of your concept, such as luxurious, fun or retro
  • Companies they associate the concept with: This helps to signpost towards brands you may be looking to visually align with, or those you don’t want to look so much like
  • Value: We ask respondents about their value expectations of the concept’s owner, from ‘budget brand’ through to ‘luxury brand’
  • Legibility: We clarify how readable visuals are, simply to sense-check each concept
  • How original the concept is: We ask respondents how original they feel the concept is

By creating a test with us, you will receive a full report of the concept results, which provides an insight into the demographic data of our respondents, the conclusions we have drawn from the test results, and an easy to identify comparative analysis of each question response.