Litmouse is designed to help you to test and qualify your creative concepts.

We work with a range of concept types, and can cater to a wide scope of requirements. We have three subscription plans available, and we’ll describe their features and fit below. 

Free Subscription

This subscription tier allows you to measure one element of creative to gain an insight into respondent feedback. As part of a free subscription, you will receive 20 responses in the report. The Age, Gender and Income of respondents is included by default. You can only conduct one test per month as part of a free subscription, and this is generally used simply to understand the entry level potential of Litmouse.

Standard Subscription

The standard subscription boasts greater flexibility, providing up to 500 responses a month cumulatively across tests. You are also able to measure up to three concepts at once, and advanced category insights such as Location, Job Role and Social Channels Used are included. 

Enterprise Subscription 

The Enterprise also presents up to 13 further elements of demographic data where needed. This subscription also includes the bespoke ability to gain further insight on respondents or prioritise certain demographics as part of your tests.  

Through a quick consultation with you, we can address our respondent strategy to better suit the demands of your test.  These variables include: Level of Education, Interests, Business Sector, Consumer Behaviour, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs, Marital Status, Employment Status, Home Ownership, Vehicle Ownership, News Readership and Dependents.