To maximise what’s possible, businesses need to know what their target consumers think of them. Reputation, history and ethos come into this, as does brand positioning.

Litmouse supports the brand element of positioning, aiming to better define how you are perceived and understood by your target audience. We collect 19 different elements of demographic data on our respondents who directly feed back on your concepts. What this means is you’re not just subjected to audience perception, but you also know what type of person holds those opinions on your concepts.

Depending on the subscription package you take out with our team, these variables are available as part of any creative test you carry out. For example, you can learn about the income and job roles of the respondents who are evaluating your concepts. Enterprise subscribers also have the ability to discuss their most favoured demographic data with us, so we can ensure a larger pool of our respondents meet their criteria. 

To learn more about how this can work for your brand or your clients, speak with the Litmouse team today.