Litmouse is a really handy way of getting significant comparative data between concepts. 

So, if you’re struggling to validate which logo might be better suited for your rebrand, or you’re pitching the best-suited social media post for your agency client, Litmouse can help by adding data to your decision making. 

If you’re looking to test one concept, then that’s fine. Running a Litmouse test for a single concept can still provide a solid insight into what the perception of your creative is, from how luxurious the concept is considered to be, through to the concept’s association with industries right through to other brands.

Litmouse’s standard subscription allows for measuring up to 3 concepts at any one time. Our sample of respondents are asked the same questions about each concept and the results are benchmarked in a really easy-to-interpret way. Our bespoke, enterprise plan allows for up to six concepts to be measured at once, adding real power to your insight.

So, if you find yourself  torn between Concept A and Concept C, Litmouse does the handiwork of giving you the opinion of your typical target respondents. The decision you make in the end is ultimately your own, but market validation always seems like a sensible thing to consider.