Litmouse is the ideal tool to add insight into the day-to-day role of a creative agency.

Data is always invaluable in supporting your clients and justifying why one concept might be better suited for their needs than another. 

This validation is entirely possible by using Litmouse regularly. Simply select from the concept types that are available, upload your images and determine the categories you want to gain demographic insight from. Our respondents, all who are verified against 19 demographic variables, provide their insight against predefined questions so you learn plenty about the concepts you’re testing. 

Our tests are all subject to a quick turnaround time, of typically less than two weeks, which means you can get to sharing results with your client. You can either show them our client-friendly visual reports, or relay that data in-house and frame it as you need.

On top of being able to benchmark your proposed concepts against previous lookalike campaigns, Litmouse is well poised to support your creative agency, starting today.