Litmouse is a monthly subscription service and credits are used for Litmouse’s free and standard subscription packages. 

In short, Litmouse allows you to upload multiple concepts and we ask our respondents questions related to these concepts. The result is that you can see what your audience thinks of your creative concepts to help the validation and decision making process

For each test, a credit effectively equates to a single respondent – if you want to ask 100 people what they think of your four concepts, that test will come at a cost of 100 credits. Respondents are counted per test, rather than per concept. 

As part of the standard subscription, you are eligible to use 500 credits across a single billing month. These can be used across multiple tests, or in a single test if you’re seeking the feedback of 500 respondents in a single test. You can also increase the number of credits at any time, directly via the platform. If you’re looking to try the service, the free subscription also allows you to measure the responses of 20 people against a single concept.

Credits are exempt from our Enterprise subscription package. Each of our Enterprise subscription plans are tailored to the requirements of our clients, ensuring we can provide the highest quality and most relevant responses to the concepts they test.