We all know that a lot of thought goes into great design.

Whilst creative concepts can be subjective, it’s probably agreed among most of us that good branding appeals to its target market and is pretty clear on giving out the right perceptions to potential customers and audiences.

Now so more than ever, a saturation of brands can lead to copycat visuals and rapid pivots based on current trends. Of course, keeping up is never easy, but it’s even harder to create a well-thought and enduring brand that leads the way. 

At Litmouse, we believe one of the primary things any company can do to check what people really think about them is by validating their visuals. It’s no surprise, then, that well thought-out planning will usually result in a brand having closer appeal to a brand’s target market.  That’s where Litmouse comes in.

What is Litmouse good for? Well, you can learn about what select demographics think about existing, historical and proposed visual concepts and you can even evaluate the difference between these all at once. It’s great for testing which new concept might be the closest fit to your brand vertical, or simply to see if new designs have continuity with your existing marketing. 

Data is always invaluable in supporting you or your clients and justifying why one concept is a stand-out winner to take to market. So, if adding data to what you do makes sense for your business, then speak with us today.