Campaigns can be all-consuming.

You can plan for what you expect results to be and, of course, you hope there will be a spike in the numbers and the level of interest your brand gets off the back of it. 

Planning meticulously for a campaign and measuring your results post-campaign is all well and good – but something that many companies fail to do is examine what public perception looks like before they plan for any revitalisation of their brand.

From our perspective, it’s important to benchmark your current situation against your ambitions for the future. Here, we’re not just talking about vanity metrics such as the number of likes and followers on your social profiles. This doesn’t account for the quality of those that are engaging with what you do. Nor do those metrics reliably inform you of as much demographic data as you would perhaps hope.

Litmouse can support some of that additional, ‘off the socials’ data. Before engaging with any new campaigns, you’ve got the ability to measure some of your previously-launched creative concepts and understand what our respondents are saying, with a clear demographic breakdown of who these people are, where they are, and what their interests are. For enterprise level subscriptions, we can crucially help you to evaluate how the same concepts are received by certain demographics against others.

Also, if you’re looking to then promote a similar campaign, then you can also test pending concepts and see whether the audience perception is the same, or has shifted. This is all with a  view to informing you future marketing efforts and making sure your visual concepts best align with your target audiences. 

Speak with us today about how Litmouse can help you to better understand what your marketing means to different audiences and which concepts are the most performant.