We recently ran some tests to support one of our brands, the Jingle Engine.

The Jingle Engine is an eCommerce site, which sells bespoke audio introductions to businesses looking to empower their marketing efforts. 

We ran a test with Litmouse to measure the perceptions of the website’s landing page. We were aiming to gain the perspective of a general audience, to see what they thought of the design, and see how closely the concepts matched the Jingle Engine’s brand values.

Jingle Engine’s target market can effectively reach a number of audiences, with the common denominator being those who want to amplify their marketing output with the use of audio. The Jingle Engine’s aim is to be perceived as a luxury product, and as a means of the customer setting their business apart by purchasing the Jingle Engine’s services. With that considered, the aim was for the site to appear luxurious, professional and wherever possible, associated with the creative industries. 

The Litmouse Test

We tested four concepts with a clear expectation that audience feedback would differ from one creative concept to the next. We provided the concepts to an audience of 1,000 respondents. Whilst concepts were not remarkably different from one another, there were enough stylistic changes to suggest opinion would vary across concepts.

Here’s what we found at a general overview:

Concept C was the most alike to the expectations of Jingle Engine’s requirements as a brand. There was a strong level of perceived ‘luxury’ among the brand, with the adjectives associated being a general match. In terms of sector, we didn’t find a strong match here, but there were some comparisons drawn to the Marketing/Creative sector. 

Concept B also ran relatively close to the brand values of the Jingle Engine, but we found the industry links were more vague. This would make a weaker case for aligning with the brand values of Jingle Engine, in spite of generally being seen as a more ‘luxury’ type of brand.

Concept A & D were again different in the alignment with the brand values of the Jingle Engine. In concluding the study, we’ve learned that there wasn’t any groundbreaking information that went against our hunches.  It did help, however, to qualify those expectations and make validation a little easier for the Jingle Engine before the launch of the website. For more information on how concepts could