Litmouse has a range of advanced categories that are selectable when creating a test.

These allow you to see a breakdown of the demographic data of the respondent who evaluated your creative concepts. 

Advanced categories are divided between subscription tiers, although Age, Gender and Income insights are included in all tests by default. For Standard subscription packages, there are 3 further demographic variables that are selectable, where Categories include Location, Job Role and Social Channels Used.

The Enterprise subscription package allows you to learn about 13 further elements of demographic data. There is also the option to provide notes to the Litmouse team about your respondent preferences. Through a quick consultation with you, we can address our respondent strategy to better suit the demands of your test.  These variables include: Level of Education, Interests, Business Sector, Consumer Behaviour, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Religious Beliefs, Marital Status, Employment Status, Home Ownership, Vehicle Ownership, News Readership and Dependents.