A/B Testing with Litmouse is a great way of understanding more about how your audience perceives your creative concepts. 

Litmouse allows you to test multiple concepts at once, where identical questions are pitched to the same respondents about creative concepts. You can split test up to 6 concepts simultaneously, allowing you to drill down on certain elements of audience opinion. Here’s what you can learn from testing multiple concepts with Litmouse:

  • Words respondents associate with your concept: Do respondents see you as a fun brand or one that’s more traditional and trustworthy? Our tests can provide an insight into the most frequently selected adjectives associated with your brand
  • What respondents think your company actually does: Whether your concept is informative or leaves a lot to interpretation, the sector a respondent associate with your concept can often identify strengths and potential inconsistencies with the design
  • The perceived originality of the concept: We ask respondents how original they feel the concept is
  • Value: We ask respondents about their value expectations of the concept’s owner, from ‘budget brand’ through to ‘luxury brand’
  • Companies they associate the concept with: This is particularly helpful for seeing where your brand sits in relation to others. If there are not large numbers of brands associated here, this could be considered as a positive indicator
  • Legibility: We clarify how readable visuals are

If you’re looking to test a number of concepts and learn more about what audiences think, speak with our team today – we’ll be happy to let you know more about the insight you could add to your process.