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What you can test

You can test any kind of creative concept, from a logo, to a social media post. See the types of creative we accept for testing below:

Logos & Branding



Website & Emails

Print Materials

Prove your creative works for your audience

We take the hassle out of market research, and allow you to validate your creative with real members of your target audience. Simply upload your creative, select your audience, and we do the hard work of collating responses and feeding you real insight.


A/B Test


Define the ideal audience for your creative

To truly test your concepts, you need to sample your target audience. We help you do that in a cost efficient way, fast & at scale. Choose from a range of audience segments to get started.

Our platform is perfect for:





A new way to validate your concepts

Litmouse make it simple to gain audience opinion for validating your creative concepts.

Multiple Concepts

Select up to six concepts for benchmarking

Audience Definition

Select the size and characteristics of your audience.


Dig deeper by understanding audience using behaviours.


Receive a full breakdown of reporting results.

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